Coming Next at Monument Books : Ethnic diversity in Luang Namtha, Photo Exhibition by Kees Sprengers, Cocktail on Tuesday, Jan 22, 6.30pm

This Tuesday, Jan. 6th at 6.30pm, Thursday - Photo Exibition

To kick off the 2008 Vernissage season, let's meet at sunset for 'Orange' Images on Canvas by Jean Dominique6.3

Coming NEXT: December 6th - Laos, A Journey Beyond the Mekong

Laos is one of Asia’s final frontiers, a country of teeming forests, rare hilltribes and spectacular mountain scenery that is only slowly opening up to the modern world. Squeezed between Vietnam, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar and fed by the mighty waters of the Mekong River, it is a magical destination that has largely escaped the influences of neighbouring countries. Photographer and writer Ben Davies spent more than six months journeying into the heart of Laos, travelling by road, river and elephant to some of its remotest regions to document the lives of the people and to capture the essence of this wild and beautiful country.

Ben Davies

Ben Davies is a Bangkok-based writer and photographer whose work has appeared in a wide range of distinguished publications and media including the International Herald Tribune, Vogue, Time Magazine, the London Telegraph, the Guardian, the Asian Wall Street, Geo and National Geographic Books. Since first setting foot in Asia more than fifteen years ago, he has written and photographed books on Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia as well as contributing to books on Great Trains of the World, Great Highways of the World and Great Voyages of the World. He is author of ‘Black Market – Inside the Endangered Species Trade in Asia’. Ben is also a member of OnAsia Images, a photo agency in Bangkok.

Asia Horizons

Asia Horizons Books Co., Ltd was established in Bangkok to publish books on Asia. It has produced a number of photographic books including ‘Isaan: Forgotten Provinces of Thailand’, ‘Pangasinan: A Journey into the Philippines’, ‘Angkor: Ancient Kingdom’ and ‘Cambodia: the Years of Turmoil’.
It has also published a series of small picture books on Angkor. Upcoming titles include ‘Ancient Capitals of Thailand’ by Ben Davies, and ‘The Fall of Phnom Penh’ by Roland Neveu. All the books are to be found on the website:

November 6th : Port of Call - Escales Orientales by Bruno-le-Matelot - drawings, pictures and aquarelles

Next cultural event: Oct. 30th conference by Dr James Chamberlain

Our Next WIG Event : Nagas at Monument Books

Born in Ban Pakbak, Luang Prabang Province in 1939, Mr Houmphan is known as an expert in Lao art and culture. Educated in Lycee de Vientiane, and then at Ecole Speciale Militaire de Saint Cyr in France, Mr Houmphanh started his career as a journalist and translator for Pathet Lao Radio, which led to the position of Vice Director of Lao National Radio. He has also held various positions as the founder of the Lao National Research Institute on Culture, Director of the Vannasin art and literature magazine, member of the Lao National Commission for UNESCO, member of the National Association of Lao Writers, and member of National Association of Lao Journalists and Committee on Culture and Information ASEAN. In 2003 he founded Lao Biodiversity Association which he is still actively involved in preserving forest and endanger species in Lao.
Mr Houmphanh has published more than 20 books on art, culture, history and ethnography. He gave recommendation to UNESCO General Conference in 1985 for preserving traditional city of Luang Prabang, Vat Phu, and Plain of Jars. He has also promoted palm leave manuscripts preservation. His latest work includes raising awareness and giving aid to minority groups.

Monument Books Laos publie Promenade archéologique dans les environs de Vientiane

Monument Books Laos est heureux et fier de lancer son premier ouvrage : Promenade archéologique dans les environs de Vientiane, de Bruno Brunetti, Michèle-Baj Strobel, Biba Vilayleck, Olivier Leduc Stein.

Comme son titre l’indique, cet ouvrage est d’abord une invitation à une promenade à moins de 70 km vers le nord dans les environs de Vientiane. Parcours instructif mais aussi récréatif qui permettra au lecteur de découvrir quelques vestiges bouddhiques dans un cadre naturel diversifié. Chaque site est fortement individualisé, par sa géologie mais aussi car les paysages changent selon les saisons et la végétation du moment.

Book signing and conference by Bjorn Turmann

Fiction set in Southeast Asia has become an important part of the global literary offering. Bookstores have been successfully selling novels set in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore for many years now. But what about fiction set in Laos? Is Laos a good setting for the modern novel?

Bangkok based, Canadian author, Bjorn Turmann will discuss, at Monument Books, his latest novel,
The Karaoke World of Cortous Haire, a story where Laos not only plays an important setting, but also an ‘important character’. He will share his insights and experiences into writing the novel, having it published and marketing it around the globe. An experience which will hopefully inspire the “inner author” in all of us and set us on our way to writing our own “Lao based novel”.

Mystery and Murder in Laos

The creator of Dr Siri, Colin Cotterill, will be signing his novels on Saturday, September 8th, from 10 am, at Monument Books Laos.

Much more than books...

Would you love to have something we don't carry yet?!
Monument Books ... Much more than Books!

Vietnamese Lacquer Paintings

“Le Duc Hai and Le Ngoc Thanh’s paintings are a fusion of East and West. The legacy of the French Impressionists, the rich Vietnamese cultural traditions and spiritual symbolism are readily apparent in their paintings. The most distinctive characteristics of their work are that they have forsaken realism and are eagerly integrating their energies and emotions into full explosive colors to create impressive graphic abstractions of their very individual style.”

Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows exclusively @ Monument Books

For the first time in Laos, Monument Books brings to you the latest and last volume of the young sorcerer’s adventures and his mighty quest to defeat YOU-KNOW-WHO!

A worldwide launch, that has kept awake Harry Potter's fans all over the world!
A magical launch exclusively you-know-where!

2nd WIG Cultural Study Group Event : A Conference by Grant Evans, Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Grant Evans is a Social Anthropologist and a long time researcher on Laos. He obtained his Ph. D from LaTrobe University in Australia. Now Grant is a professor at the University of Hong Kong and a Senior Research Fellow at the EFEO (Ecole Francaise d’Extreme Orient) in Vientiane.

Grant has published several books on Laos. He is currently translating a collection of Lao memoirs to English. The main focus of his work is the interaction between modernity and tradition. His books on Laos include:
- A Short History of Laos: The Land in Between
- The Politics of Ritual and Remembrance: Laos since 1975
- Lao Peasants under Socialism and Post-Socialism

WIG has invited him to speak at the Cultural Study Group on June 21st, 2007. We recommend you read his book before attending in order to get the most out of the discussion at the study group. Grant mentioned that he enjoys a lively discussion and is interested in hearing the thoughts and opinions of the audience. A little homework beforehand will make this a dynamic evening of discussion, and you will likely learn more about Laos in one night than you ever imagined.

Exhibition by Jeffery Habenicht, June 19th to July 31st 2007 and Vernissage on June 19th

Monument Books Laos is glad to present the first Jeffery Habenicht's photo exhibition : Faces along the way.

First Meeting of the WIG Cultural Study Group. A conference by Michel Mixay on May 29th

Monument Books Laos is glad to organize a monthly event with the Women's International Group.
Events such as conferences and book presentations, will be held every last Tuesday of the month.

For the first meeting, MB Laos and the WIG are honoured to present a conference by Michel Mixay.

Born in Laos into a Lao–French–Khmer family, Somsanouk Mixay was educated in France. He chose to contribute his talent and energy to the development of his native country, and returned to Laos in 1973.

Working in the media sector for over 30 years, he has played an important role in developing and improving the printed as well as electronic press in Laos. He started the English and French language news programme on the Lao National Radio and National Television.

The founder of the Vientiane Times, 1994 and the French language magazine Le Renovateur, 1998, Mr Mixay is also a prolific writer, writing articles and books on various topics, especially related to Lao culture. He published “Treasures of Lao Literature”, two volumes in English, and a book on religious and cultural ceremonies of Luang Prabang (the book is in Lao, with photos by Hans Berger), and Pimai ceremonies in Luang Prabang (bilingual French and English). At present he is the Vice President of the Lao Journalist Association.

Mr Mixay will be honouring our event by being our first guest speaker, on Tuesday, May 29th.

Australian exhibition from May 21st to June 3rd and vernissage on May 28th

On May 28th, on the occasion of the "National Reconciliation Week", a reception honouring the Australian artist Mr Dennis Nona, will be held at Monument Books Laos.

Dennis Nona is one of the artists of Mualgau Minaral Artist Collective from Mua Island, in the Western Torres Strait, in Northern Australia.

The Gelam Nguzu Kazi - Dugong My Son, is the first exhibition of limited edition linocuts by the artists of the Collective.

Drawing on their carving traditions, the artists in this exhibition pioneered a unique style of Torres Strait Art, telling their ancient history and stories in contemporary forms.

Shop opening : Kopnoï first sales outlet in Vientiane!

After their huge succès in Luang Prabang, Kopnoï arrives in Vientiane.

Come and visit them on the first floor of Monument Books Laos, adjacent to Monument Gallery and find out all about their line of products made with organic materials: confortable and trendy cotton essentials for men and women, bath and beauty products, colorful ascessories, elegantly packed souvenirs from you journey in Laos, and much more...

Kopnoï products: Made with care, made to last, made in LAOS!

Shop opening!

Monument Books Laos is glad to start a partnership with KopNoi and Les Artisans du Laos, with the opening of sales outlet on the 1st floor of MB.

This partnership is based on the Love of Laos, its products and its traditions.

In order to celebrate this event, a vernissage was organized on Friday May 4th.

Matthias Plewa Exhibition : Pop gan Mai, Lao ! From March 15th to April 13th

Monument Books Laos and the German Embassy are glad to give the oppportunity to Matthias Plewa to say bye-bye to Laos with this "farewell" exhibition.
“Popgan mai, Lao!” – meaning so far “See you again, Laos”. The pictures show a portrait of Lao people through foreign eyes.

Some words about the photographer, Mr. Matthias Plewa (1964). He has been living in Laos for more than five years and working as an adviser for the German Development Service (DED) at Haddokkeo Horticulture Research Center nearby the capital Vientiane. Most of the photos were taken in the work context while traveling through all provinces of the country to collect vegetable seeds for a genbank.

Sophie Ladame - Expo du 28 février au 11 mars

Exposition - Dédicace - Conférence

le jeudi 1er mars 2007 à 19h
le samedi 3 mars 2007 à 11h

« Tel un parcours initiatique à travers la vie quotidienne et spirituelle des peuples du Laos.

Une expérience puissante dont le ressenti profond est relaté au travers de dessins, compositions, croquis, clichés et narrations.
Un voyage où les valeurs ancestrales font écho entre les montagnes du Laos et notre coeur. »
Exhibition - Signing- Conference

Vernissage Thursday March 1st, 2007, 7 pm
Conference Saturday 3rd, 2007, 11 am
« An initiation path through the daily life and spirituality of the peoples of Laos.
A powerful experience resulting in profound feelings depicted through sketches, drawings, paintings, and essays.
A voyage where the ancient values echo through the mountains of Laos into our hearts. »

Happy Painting - Expo du 5 au 31 décembre 2006

Vernissage le 6 décembre 2006, à 19h

Stef a très amicalement répondu a l'invitation de Monument Books Laos et propose une nouvelle série de Happy Painting consacrée au Pays du Million d'Eléphants.

“ La Joie de vivre”

Si l’on devait traduire par un concept la démarche entreprise par Stef dans son "Happy Painting", il conviendrait de parler de "jovialité en peinture", tant l’optimisme qui se dégage de ses tableaux est instantanément communicatif. Il n’y a pas ombre de méchanceté en effet dans l’oeuvre de ce quarantenaire aux yeux d’enfant s’attachant a dépeindre, avec un réalisme toujours empreint d’humour, des sujets de vie quotidienne, transport de sacs de riz a bicyclette, étalage de lessives par des mères de famille hilares aux formes généreusement arrondies. Au fil de compositions, la liberté de son trait souvent ludique nous offre une image drôle et riante du Monde.

Son sens du dessin simplifié et l’ensoleillement particulièrement revigorant qui se dégage de sa peinture, profondément chargée d’une poésie vitaliste et hédoniste, constitue un véritable hymne a la vie, à la lumière, à la joie de vivre.

Naga cities of the Mékong - Conférence/dédicace par les auteurs - 25 november 2006

CONFERENCE - SIGNATURE par les auteurs
Martin Stuart-Fox & Steve Northup
25 novembre 2006

Il s'agit de la première publication destinée à un public non spécialisé, relatant la fascinante histoire du Laos. Martin Stuart-Fox nous offre un livre imposant, qui tisse ensemble des siècles d'histoire et de légende.

Son récit nous transporte dans les cités construites, détruites puis renaissant de leur propres cendres. Il se focalise surtout sur l'histoire de Luang Prabang, dans le Nord, Viang Chan au centre et Champasak, dans le Sud, les trois capitales du Laos, situées sur le bord de l'imposant fleuve Mékong.
CONFERENCE - SIGNING by the authors
Martin Stuart-Fox & Steve Northup
25 november 2006

This is the first book providing a popular guide to the fascinating story of Laos. Drawing on his extensive research, the acclaimed historian of Laos, Professor Emeritus Martin Stuart-Fox, has written an authoritative text that weaves together centuries of history and legend.

His account tells of cities built, destroyed and resurrected. This account focuses on the three Lao capitals situated along the mighty Mekong River - Luang Phrabang in the north, Viang Chan (Vientiane) in the centre and Champasak in the south.

Australian Festival - Monument Books launches the new book by Martin Stuart-Fox


A l'occasion du lancement de la manifestation Lire en Fête, organisée par les Ministères de la Culture et des Affaires Etrangères, Monument Gallery ouvre ses portes.